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Glass Processing Machinery
Our Glass Processing Machinery caters to architectural, automotive, and furniture glass needs. It ensures precise handling and processing to maintain glass integrity and product performance. With cutting-edge drive technology, it adeptly executes steps like cutting, transporting, and stacking, resulting in sleek, glossy finishes. Efficient and effective, it's a cornerstone of glass industry excellence.
Edge Grinding Machinery
Our Edge Grinding Machinery serves a crucial role in semiconductor and electronic device manufacturing. It refines wafer edges, vital for product quality. Even slight diameter adjustments are achievable, enhancing precision. Available in diverse types, it addresses specific industry demands, ensuring efficient and precise wafer processing.
Glass Washing Machinery
Our Glass Washing Machinery is indispensable in fabricating pristine glass products, from low-E to insulated and tempered glass. Specifically designed to eliminate impurities, it primes flat glass for subsequent manufacturing steps like tempering or lamination. Available in diverse types, our machinery caters to varied industry needs, ensuring top-notch quality.
Glass Cutting Table
Our Glass Cutting Table is indispensable for shaping glass in construction, automotive, and household applications. The cutting wheel's precise rotation creates controlled fractures, allowing for accurate cuts. Tailored to diverse needs, our range includes various types and specifications, ensuring efficient glass cutting for a multitude of purposes.
Glass Tempering Furnace
Our Glass Tempering Furnace enhances glass strength and heat resistance through physical or chemical processes. Heating and rapid cooling induce compression on the surface while maintaining tension within the core, yielding stronger glass. Available in diverse types, it caters to varied industry needs, ensuring durable and resilient glass production.
Breakout Cutting Table
Our Breakout Cutting Table, featuring a metal structure with ball castors and cullet trash, optimizes breakout trimming. It utilizes metal work hardening and localized thickness reduction for precise cuts, ideal for symmetrical drawn parts. Integrated with glass cutting machines, it facilitates manual straight cuts with breakout bars, ensuring effective glass processing.
Glass Sandblasting Machine
Our Glass Sandblasting Machine etches patterns or trademarks onto glass surfaces, ideal for walls and shower room doors. By blasting abrasive material with compressed air, it creates a frosted appearance, akin to spray painting. Available in various types, it efficiently produces sandblasted glass, offering versatile design options for diverse applications.
Glass Shape Beveling and Edging Machine
Our Glass Shape Beveling And Edging Machine is a versatile, dependable tool for deep-processing glass. It effortlessly grinds and polishes irregular beveled and rippled edges, as well as circular glass. Perfect for delicate work, it handles various shapes and sizes with efficiency, making it an essential asset for glass processing.
Glass Vacuum Lifters
Glass Vacuum Lifters, weighing 40-50 drams, utilize CNG engines to lift up to 1 tonne. Primarily employed in factory settings, they securely handle glass sheets using vacuum suction. These lifters ensure safe transportation and installation of glass in construction, manufacturing, and other industries requiring precise and efficient glass handling solutions.
Glass Double Drilling Machine
The Glass Double Drilling Machine, weighing 80-100 kilograms and colored blue and white, is tailored for the glass industry. It efficiently drills holes in glass, enhancing precision in glass cutting processes. Ideal for manufacturing windows, doors, and glass fixtures, it ensures accurate and uniform hole placement, enhancing product quality and efficiency.
LPG Fired Kiln
An LPG Fired Kiln is a kind of specialized furnace designed for high-temperature processes, constructed with fire-resistant materials. It utilizes liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) as fuel to generate heat, enabling various applications like ceramics production, metalworking, and glassmaking. Industries including pottery, metallurgy, and glass fabrication utilize this kiln for material processing and product manufacturing.
Glass Straight Line Beveling Machine
The Glass Straight Line Beveling Machine, constructed from selected stainless steel and weighing 80-100 kgs, specializes in line beveling. With a computerized, PLC-controlled system, it automatically executes precise beveling tasks. Ideal for glass fabrication, it guarantees uniform beveled edges, enhancing aesthetics and functionality for industries like architecture, interior design, and furniture manufacturing.

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